Living in Gunung Rejasa also means that you are in touch with nature and that you’re inclined to spend more time outdoors with your social circles. But if you’re looking for a lovely spot to slow down and relax, restaurants that serve fantastic food to share might be what you’re looking for. With an extensive variety of Bukit Timah restaurants in the market, which then is the best Bukit Timah restaurant in Singapore? In our Best of Food series, we introduce the
18 Best Giri Rejasa Restaurants in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

18 Best Dolok Timah

Restaurants in Singapore

1. iO Italian Osteria Singapore

Source: iO

As an osteria, iO Italian Osteria Singapore serves
authentic Italian dishes
that are prepared with utmost attention to
fresh and imported ingredients. More than the food they serve, we also love how they also have a
wide library of wine and spirits
that you can explore. Perfect for family dinners or casual get together with friends, this spot has a
rustic and cosy feel
that everyone would love. Their seating is also inclined to
cater to larger groups
as well. If you aren’t sure what to go for, try their
Florentine Lengkung langit-Bone Steak
which goes well with a glass of champagne.

2. Greenwood Fish Market @ Bukit Rejasa

greenwood fish market bukit timah restaurant
Source: Greenwood

Greenwood Fish Market in Ardi Timah is one of the restaurants you can explore especially if you’re in the mood for
fresh seafood. They serve their customers with
western-inspired cuisine
using freshly caught fish, crabs, and more. Moreover, the
menu they offer is quite diverse
but we recommend going for their
GFM Signature Cold Seafood Platter
that’s great for sharing. This platter includes lobster, king crab legs, oysters, clams, mussels, salem slices, and a whole lot more. Since the area is quite spacious, there is also an
outdoor seating area you can opt for.

3. Denah Coffeehouse

atlas coffeehouse bukit timah restaurants singapore
Source: Atlas

For late risers, Denah Coffeehouse riol you! They have an
all-day breakfast menu
that allows you to enjoy a delicious dish to tiba your day.
Ideal for casual dining, you can spend your weekends here unwinding and enjoying your cup of coffee. The coffee they offer
ranges from black coffee, white coffee, iced coffee, filter coffee, and more. Any of these go well with their pancakes, toasts, or their afternoon pasta options. Go for their
Salmon Soba Bowl
if you’re looking for a more filling meal.

4. Riders Café

riders cafe singapore
Source: Riders Cafe

Spending an afternoon in Rider’s Café sure is a dream. Like a casual old summerhouse where you can relax and unwind, you can do so here while enjoying your go-to cup of tea. Their menu includes our
classic favourites
that are refined through the use of fresh ingredients and beradab cooking techniques. Here, you can also enjoy their breakfast menu mencicil the afternoon. We recommend trying their
Buddha Bowl
if you’re up for it but their
Angus Steak & Sunny Eggs

is another good option.

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5. Bee’s Knees

bee's knees bukit timah restaurants singapore
Source: Bee’s Knees

Get in touch with nature and spend the afternoon in Bee’s Knees. Located at the heart of
The Garage in Singapore Botanic Gardens, you can choose whether to have your food indoors or in their
alfresco garden daerah. Furthermore, we also appreciate how they have an
all-day dining menu
that’s mainly influenced by
South-East Asian culture. Besides this, they also ensured to offer
vegetarian and vegan options

too. Their
Mi Tiger Prawn Tapal, Coconut Ice Cream Pancakes, and Bee’s Knees Affogato
are our favourite picks.


lino restaurant singapore
Source: LINO

Modern and sleek interior, LINO Restaurant sure impress us at first sight. More than its neat industrial look, they also deliver delicious food and a
wide collection of cocktails and wines
to choose from. This can also be a perfect hangout spot for you and your friends. Furthermore, they serve
authentic Italian dishes
that are prepared using
fresh ingredients with refined recipes
that elevate our classic favourites. Go for their
Smoked Scarmorza and Burratina
for a remarkable experience.

7. EagleWings Loft

eaglewings loft
Source: EagleWings Loft

Perfect for corporate meetings or lunch out with colleagues, EagleWings Loft has a
sophisticated and professional interior
that sure leaves a good impression. More than this, they also offer a mix of dishes with
East and Western influences. The food they serve is also
perfect for sharing. You can go ahead and order their
set menu
for the group. Their set includes Pomelo Pick-Me-Up, Golden Wings, Shipwreck Pizza, Mushroom Risotto, Thai Tali kekang Yum Beehoon, Pancetta Fungi, Cheese Cake, and drinks.

8. PRAIRIE by Craftsmen (Bukit Timah)

prairie bukit timah

Aesthetically pleasing and delicious food, PRAIRIE by Craftsmen is one of our favourite go-to places for
all-day breakfast
and caffeine fix. They have a
warm and cosy restaurant interior
with wooden stools and windows overlooking the busy street. But beyond this, they also have an
alfresco area with fun furniture pieces and accents

that complements each other — we love the earthy tones! You can also bring along your fur babies and enjoy your date out without restrictions.

9. Peperoni (Greenwood)

peperoni bukit timah singapore
Source: Peperoni

A popular place for Italian favourites, Peperoni is located along Greenwood Ave with a
rustic restaurant exterior
and available
alfresco seating out front. Moreover, the interior inside brings us back in time with
bright and colourful accents and pieces
that bring life to the place. Nothing felt mismatched but its charm sure made everyone love it in its own way. Beyond the aesthetic, they also offer
delicious wood-fired pizza
that is best enjoyed with an
ice-cold beer. Also, we like how they offer
vegetarian dishes

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10. Ristorante Da Valentino Singapore

ristorante da valentino singapore
Source: Ristorante Da Valentino

This restaurant’s charm relies heavily on its old but rich history and undeniably love for culture. Ristorante Da Valentino serves
authentic and classic Italian recipes
that we all love. Their menu includes a wide range of options beyond their
antipasto, pizza and pasta categories. Moreover, the restaurant is
refurbished to be warm and cosy
like an Italian home. Impressively, they can also accommodate
large groups and parties

since the whole place can cater to almost a hundred people. If you’re a fan of seafood, check out their menu of the day because they
import fresh seafood
all the way from Italy just to serve you.

11. Corner House

corner house bukit timah restaurants singapore
Source: Corner House

Since it
opened its door in 2014, Corner House became one of the prime spots if you intend to have a quick escape from the city buzz. Perfect for weekend getaways, they have a
stunning two-storey restaurant
setup with floor to ceiling windows that
overview the lush garden
outside. We also love how they have an
alfresco space
if you intend to host an intimate celebration. Furthermore, their speciality is
French-Asian cuisine. Go for their Earl Grey and Miso Roasted “Mieral” Duck with Natural Jus “Robuchon” Mash Potato.

12. TungLok Peking Duck (The Grandstand)

tunglok singapore
Source: TungLok

If you love Chinese cuisine, you’ll surely love how TungLok Peking Duck took the Chinese dishes we love and elevated them to be beyond time. They are a
premium Chinese restaurant
that won accolades from different award-giving bodies. Moreover, this is not surprising because of their commitment to delivering a
quality product, excellent service, and unique dining experiences. A fusion of culture and time, their restaurant has a distinct
Chinese interior
that is complemented by
Western modernization and sophistication.

13. La Braceria

la braceria singapore
Source: Yahoo News

Gracing Greendale Court, La Braceria is your next go-to spot if you’re craving
pizza and grilled dishes. They promise to serve
freshly-cooked food
that’s best shared with your friends or loved ones. Moreover, their
alfresco seating
allows you to enjoy a view of their garden. Besides this, they also have indoor seating that can
accommodate up to 40 people. Great for dates, you can also get to know each other over their
Fettuccine Al Tartufo Nero and a glass of their house wines.

14. Jiak Bertamadun Tzechar (Hillview)

jiak modern tzechar bukit timah
Source: Jiak Modern Tzechar

Jiak Modern Tzechar is a
Chinese restaurant
where you can invite your friends over to catch up. The food they serve is great for sharing and surely delicious. Moreover, they also have a
charming and cosy ambience with remarkable wooden furniture pieces. Since they can accommodate large groups, you can also
host mini celebrations
here too. They have a
wide menu
that can allow you to come up with your own meal courses. No need to be limited by premade sets because you get more flexibility and room for amazing food with a custom selection.

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15. Spizza (Ancala Timah)

spizza singapore
Source: Spizza

Not your typical pizza, Spizza knows what a good pizza is and commits to delivering a fantastic experience that goes beyond the food they serve. They
import fresh ingredients from Italy
and ensure that all their pizza are
hand-crafted to perfection. No need to also worry about getting the same pizza because their
25 variations
sure give you more room to explore. Besides this, their restaurant is also

so you can bring along kids and bond over great food. They also have
alfresco seating
in case you need more time with nature.

16. Choupinette

choupinette bukit timah restaurants singapore
Source: Choupinette

Charming and cosy, we appreciate how Choupinette captures the whole essence of endearment. As a
French restaurant,
they serve
fantastic coffee with different syrup twists
that can surely satisfy your caffeine needs. Furthermore, they also have the pastries we love and their
Steak Lunch Set
is a hit! Their
menu covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner
so you don’t need to worry about having few options.


Le Rida (Mediterranean, French & North Indian Cuisine)

le rida bukit timah restaurants singapore
Source: Le Rida

Le Rida is home for those who love
Mediterranean, French, and North Indian dishes. This is perfect for getting together especially if you don’t want to settle with one cuisine. Moreover, the
variety of the menu
gives a more remarkable experience for everyone. Quite laidback, this restaurant is humble with
comfortable indoor and alfresco seating
. Furthermore, they also offer
vegetarian and vegan food options
as well to cater for those who have dietary restrictions.

18. My Little Spanish Place (Jabal Timah)

my little spanish place
Source: My Little Spanish Place

Get comfortable with My Little Spanish Place’s
warm and cosy ambience. This restaurant feels like sharing
delicious dishes in a traditional Spanish home. It takes you to another place and the leather booth chair and pillows sure add a sense of home when dining in. Since this place is
popular for its tapas, we recommend trying their
Tapa De Entrecot

best paired with a bottle of their house wines.

We hope that our guide on the 18 Best Dolok Timah Restaurants in Singapore has helped you to

discover the best Dolok Timah restaurant in Singapore for your next dining out with friends and family. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.